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Transparency in Payment Processing: Unveiling Lucid Payments for Your Business Success.

8 Nov 2023 1:33 PM | Anonymous

Selecting the right payment processing system is a critical decision for any business. It can significantly impact your bottom line and customer satisfaction, making "Absolute Clarity" and reliability paramount in your choice.

As part of our commitment to providing you with valuable resources, we're pleased to introduce Lucid Payments, a local payment processing solution, and Value-Added Benefit Partner with the Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce.

In this FAQ, we've interviewed Michael Nelson with Lucid Payments, asking him to address the key questions every business owner should ask in order to make an informed decision about what payment processing system is right for their business...

What specific payment processing solutions do you offer to small businesses, and how can they benefit from these services?

We offer different solutions for many types of business. If you need to accept credit/debit card payments, in store, on site, or online, we can provide the lowest rates and local service you don't get from the big providers. We find the best solution for you and your business to not only save each month, but be more efficient.

Can you explain the fee structure and pricing options for your payment processing services? Are there any hidden fees that small businesses should be aware of?

We examine the needs of each business individually and provide the lowest pricing possible based on a few factors, like volume and your terminal needs. We typically use a Cost plus pricing structure, meaning we take the cost of the card from Visa or MC and and add the fee on top of that to get your rate. This offers you transparent billing breakdown of all your cards.

We never have any hidden fees, that is why we use the tagline "Absolute Clarity" and even the name Lucid Payments, it is about transparency and education.

What security measures and fraud prevention techniques does Lucid Payments employ to protect small businesses and their customers from payment-related risks?

We are held to the highest security standards. All processing meets the PCI Compliance standards as set by the Canadian government, We take the extra step to ensure your business is also compliant so you don't incur any extra fee's.

Are there any special features or integrations that can help small businesses manage their financial transactions more efficiently when using Lucid Payments?

We have many options available now to assist business owners in their day-to-day processing, helping not only to save money, but save time!

What sets Lucid Payments apart from other payment processing providers in terms of customer support and the personalized attention that small businesses can expect when working with your company?

We provide the level of service not typically offered in our industry. We are your point of contact when you need anything. We install hardware, and assist with any service needs. You can rest assured knowing if you need help, we are just a phone call away! Lucid Payments not provides your rates and pricing, we monitor them throughout the year to ensure you keep the best possible rates.

We hope that this answers some of your burning questions! If you have more questions, or would like a quote from Lucid Payments to see if their solution is right for you, contact Michael. Be sure to mention that you're a member of the Sylvan Lake Chamber!

Michael Nelson 




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