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National Shipping Solutions with Freightcom

5 Mar 2020 8:29 AM | Anonymous

Freightcom is able to pass on significant savings on shipping to Chamber members as a part of the Chamber’s Essential Business Services.

In addition to exclusive shipping rates for courier and LTL services, Freightcom also provides eCommerce integrations, warehouse and fulfillment options, website development for SMEs and small business shipping consultations. Freightcom saves you valuable time and resources so you can focus on doing what your business does best.


What types of businesses would benefit with the Freightcom program?

SME's:  Freightcom services small to medium sized businesses all over Canada that ship courier and LTL shipments

  • Freightcom offers courier service so you can ship anywhere in Canada the US and worldwide.  Courier Service includes letters and parcels.
  • LTL (Pallets) – Freightcom covers all trucking lanes within North America for LTL shipping. Our automated website will provide quotes for up to 6 standard size pallets (48 inches by 48 inches). Any shipment over 6 pallets or exceeding 10,000 lbs can be quoted and booked by our in-house team by sending a quote request to The Freightcom system would also prompt to send in a request if the details entered are too large for the system to quote 

What problems does Freightcom solve for SMEs?

By using Freightcom, SME’s take advantage of our exclusive discounted rates helping to lower their overall shipping costs.

  • Freightcom’s automated website significantly improves shipping efficiency by providing instant quotes from national carriers with a variety of prices and service levels/transit time to choose from.
  • The rate shopping interface allows customers to quote, book and track any shipments online.
  • Within a few clicks, a user can print off a shipping label and customs invoice (if applicable for international shipments) and have the carrier pick-up directly from their location.
  • Freightcom helps SME’s grow by allowing them to focus on their business while we save them time and money on their shipping.  

Why use Freightcom when you’ve been using Canpar or Canada Post (for example) for the past 5 years? How can the business benefit by switching to Freightcom?

At Freightcom, we support our valued partners and do not provide rates with carriers that a business/customer currently holds an active account with. This being said, the major advantage over Canada Post (which is not available on Freightcom) is much more competitive pricing for shipments weighing over 2 lbs or larger parcels.

  • Every Freightcom shipment booked also includes online tracking which adds peace of mind to businesses and greatly improves their customer experience. 
  • For customers that have their own account with a particular carrier also available on Freightcom can load their rates directly in our eCommerce software, ClickShip, to process any shipments. 
What are the advantages for SMB's to work with Freightcom instead of a carrier directly?
  • The ability to choose from various top-tier carriers and utilizing each carrier’s strengths.
  • Leveraging Freightcom’s volume to get access to discounted shipping rates which a SMB typically cannot attain
  • Have access to a dual functional system which processes both pallet and courier shipments.
  • Utilizing Freightcom’s technology to print shipping labels, schedule pick-ups and receive consolidated and pre-audited invoices from multiple carriers. 
  • Freightcom’s customer service department handles the leg work for any shipping related issues. 
  • Businesses no longer need to spend long hold times on the phone with the carrier, Freightcom will provide the support and answers.  

Who is a typical pallet shipment or courier user?

  • Freightcom services a wide range of industries who ship LTL (pallets). Here are a few examples; wholesalers, manufactures, warehouses, furniture stores, automotive parts & supplies, farm equipment, restaurant equipment and many more!
  • Anyone business that ships letters, paks or packages can take advantage of using Freightcom. A large part of Freightcom’s courier business is generated through eCommerce businesses.  


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